Academie Opus Caseus is the cheese industry's unique hands-on center for cheese education, offering both practical and classroom training, specifically for cheese professionals.

We instill our love for cheese, our expertise, and our experience so that artisanal producers are supported, fine cheeses are cared for impeccably, and customers are well served with expertise and enthusiasm.

Deeply rooted in the glory of French cheese tradition, Academie Opus Caseus integrates hands-on practice, formal instruction, and classroom discussion to train cheese professionals.

Academie Opus Caseus exists at the heart of the MonS Fromagerie operational headquarters, where cheese undergoes affinage, and orders are received, packed and shipped. Surrounding the headquarters are the famed Tunnel de la Collonge and the original affinage center. Several MonS retail shops are nearby. The surrounding countryside is the home to producers whose excellent cheeses are cared for by the MonS team. France is the undisputed source of some of the world's greatest cheeses, deepest cheese tradition, and the highest level of technological research and rigor in cheese making and ripening. The MonS cheese business, now present in over 20 countries worldwide, has over 50 years of experience caring for cheese and imparting expertise.