Domaine offers discrete and secure storage, transportation, trading and advisory services to fine wine collectors worldwide. Since 2003 their team has been helping new and established collectors move, trade, organize and understand their collections with a unique focus towards making the clients wine collecting life easier and more enjoyable.

With over 1.5 million bottles in storage across 5 facilities, Domaine is both the largest network of wine storage warehouses in the country, and one of the few operators to offer top-of-the-line custom services including inbound and outbound processing, inspection, inventory, appraisals, insurance, refrigerated transportation and organization. Warehouses are located in Chicago, St. Louis, Metro New York, Napa and Washington DC, with refrigerated shipment hub partnerships in dozens of cities nationwide.

Domaine is known for their storage facilities, but the company began as curatorial service with home cellar inventory and organization as the first offerings. For this service, an experienced team of wine professionals meticulously inventory, organize and barcode your collection. It includes tracking delivery of outstanding purchases, arranging shipments, unloading trucks, and unpacking then breaking down boxes before inventorying and barcoding each bottle. In the last decade their team has organized and inventoried more than 1.7 million bottles in home cellars across the globe.

Recently Domaine has launched a marketplace where clients can buy and sell wine to other collectors within its hand-selected network. Trading in the network ensures that history and bottle conditions are completely transparent, wines are stored at Domaine facilities, and commissions are the lowest in the industry. Click here to see a current list of offerings.

To learn more about how the Domaine team can assist with your wine collection, call 888 627 4556, or click here to complete an online questionnaire at