THE HALL WAY is to look at every client as an individual. They believe that everyone has a right to have their story told and are proud to be the storytellers for such passionate and talented people as those whom they represent. Where other agencies see a dollar, they see a person; where others tell you to get famous first (to make their job easier), Hall PR says let’s get famous together. Since 1996, when Steven Hall founded the company with the late Sam Firer, they took an integrated and unorthodox approach to our campaigns. They realized early on that each client had his or her own strengths, and they structured campaigns around them. It’s not about what they’ve done for others, it’s about what they can do for you.

Hall PR seeks out opportunities; they don’t just sit back and wait for the calls, they make the calls. This is how Hall PR became a well-respected global hospitality/travel/lifestyle public relations, branding, and consulting agency with affiliations in Tokyo with Office K2M, and in San Francisco with Andrew Freeman & Co., and that is also why the work closely with other PR professionals in the United States and abroad. For our clients, Hall PR opens doors to the world.