Central Milling

More than a great mezcal, Ultramundo is an important agroforestry project. We’re attempting to foster a balanced relationship with nature. We’re trying to create good jobs for the local community jobs that preserve the artisan traditions of the region and leave enough of the natural environment in place so that it can regenerate itself.

We produce unique craft spirits – specifically an artisanal mezcal – using the agaves from our 24,000-acre ranch in Durango, Mexico´s Silent Zone. We make this mezcal from wild Maguey Lamparillo, some of which has been naturally caponed by the animals that graze the land, the rest of which we capon ourselves. We leave at least 20% of the agaves that reach maturity to do what they do naturally: go to seed and regenerate their population.

We seek to give back to Earth everything we obtain from it, so that there is an Earth left for our children, and their children, on in perpetuity.