Introducing New York State Grown & Certified

New York State has some of the best fruit and vegetable producers in the nation, all who take great care in producing foods that are safely handled and are done so in an environmentally sound way. Participating producers are inspected annually to certify that they operate using practices deemed acceptable by the Commissioner of the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets. These inspections verify that fruits and vegetables are produced, packed, handled, and stored as safely as possible to minimize the risks of microbial food safety hazards. New York State Grown & Certified will lead the nation in providing consumers with transparent and meaningful information about the agricultural products they purchase.


Label your produce as some of New York’s best with New York State Grown & Certified. Qualifying participants will now be able to display a new high-impact label to clearly identify that they meet the quality standards of Agricultural Environmental Management (AEM) and food safety programs such as the USDA Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) program for produce. Studies have shown that shoppers are more likely to purchase produce bearing the program’s seal and may even pay more for it.


Your restaurant’s standards are high. Your farmer’s standards should be too. By offering New York State Grown & Certified labeled products, you can assure your customers that you are committed to providing them with the high-quality food they desire. Plus, it’s a way to support other New York State businesses. Never has a win-win been more delicious.

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