Pat Brown, CEO of Impossible Foods at the Impossible Burger Debut

During an 18-month sabbatical from Stanford University’s Biochemistry Department in 2009, Pat Brown decided to switch the course of his career to address the urgent problem of climate change. In particular, he wanted to make the global food system more sustainable by producing meat and dairy products from plants, which have a much lower environmental footprint. HRN’s Kat Johnson sits down with Pat to talk about Impossible Food’s first product, the Impossible Burger, and the company’s plans for the future.

source - WSJ

Pat Brown, source: WSJ

Impossible Burger

The Impossible Burger

“If you choose an impossible burger instead of one made from a cow, you reduce your greenhouse gas footprint by the equivalent of driving 18 miles in your average american car, your water footprint by the amount of water you would drink in a month, and the land footprint by about 75 square feet that you can think of as being freed up for habitat restoration, if you’re not using it to raise cows. That’s one quarter-pounder.”