Can artificial intelligence make Roberta’s Pizza better? Maybe. Today’s restaurants are running on data systems that are cobbled together from multiple third party platforms, creating a fragmented picture of business that’s not always up-do-the-minute. If your numbers are stale, you’re probably loosing money somewhere. Ingest (@ingestAI) aims to solve these issues by integrating all of a restaurant’s data systems, using AI for automated decision making. Does that mean you can make more dough selling pizza? Find out on Tech Bites (@techbiteshrn) when Ingest CEO and co-founder Kenneth Kuo pitches his services to Brandon Hoy, Roberta’s Pizza (@robertaspizza) owner and co-founder. This episode is sponsored by the Japanese restaurant Nakoi (@naoki_takahashi_chelsea) the start-up accelerator Food Future Co (@foodfutureco).


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