On today’s 250TH episode of THE FOOD SEEN, we shroom with Tero Isokauppila of Four Sigma Foods. A Finnish nomad, who believes in the power of wild picked and log-grown fungi, spreads the gospel of mushrooms. Cordyceps, chagas and lion’s manes, hear about these superfoods and how their natural remedies can contribute towards a healthy lifestyle. They evan have potential benefits in the medical field, possibly for cancer patients. Wake up with a cup of mushroom coffee, or mushroom hot chocolate if you prefer, either way, join the #FUNGUYS and the growing Food Sigma Foods community, which, of course, is growing like a fungus.

"Pretty much all plants require mushrooms to collect water, but also we can use their medicinal properties." [13:00]

--Tero Isokauppila on The Food Seen