Puerto Rico Meets NYC on this week's Snacky Tunes!  Solo host Greg Bresnitz is talking all things Puerto Rico with Marie Elena Martinez, founder of the Meets NYC events, Chefs Manolo Lopez, Pedro Alvarez, and Mixologist Lynette Marrero. Rounding out the celebration, Puerto Rico Meets NYC shared the bounty and beauty of this Caribbean island’s culinary legacy. By shedding light on Puerto Rico’s best chefs, the rums, and the accompanying food and travel intersection, Puerto Rico Meets NYC showed this sunny destination the epicurean respect and exposure it deserves. Tapping into the deep network of Nuyoricans inhabiting New York City and surrounding, these guests leave everyone hungry for more. Tune in for a rousing live performance from Bombayo as well, playing the traditional music of Puerto Rico with some amazing bomba music!

"I'm from the countryside of the island some would call it, and there's it's really centered on family and all the joy of celebrating life and what our tradition is." [11:50]

"I think with Puerto Rican food right now... we're taking it back to what it usually is." [17:12]

--Chef Manolo Lopez on Snacky Tunes