On today’s episode of THE FOOD SEEN, find out when Mexican food went from crunchy shell, ground beef, and shredded cheese taco nights, to transformative tortillas made of fresh masa for Alex Stupak? When this pastry prodigy, when from sweet to savory, yet alone outside of his culinary comfort zone, many questioned his actions. The reaction: Stupak has made us reconsider the the quality of being authentic, and proved that the ubiquitous taco goes way beyond the borders of Mexico. Having opened three Empellon restaurants (Taqueria, Cocina, Al Pastor) devoted to the further exploration of Mexican food, and through his cookbook “Tacos: Recipes and Provocations”, Stupak make you think past El Paso.

"Molecular gastronomy started as a movement in science. It was a better understand of what happens when we cook food. It has nothing to do with creativity." [07:00]

"The problem is with a corn tortilla is that it's a gluten free, fat free, sugar free product. It's a very unforgiving thing. It doesn't reheat well." [20:00]