Fuhmentaboudit! is back for the 2016 season! Hosts Chris Cuzme and Mary Izett sit down with fellow Heritage Radio Network host, Harry Rosenblum of Feast Yr Ears, for a thorough discussion on vinegars.  In the throws of writing his own book on vinegar, Harry explains that vinegar is a traditionally fermented liquid that can basically be made of any liquid containing alcohol, and goes on to highlight the steps for anyone looking to make vinegars at home.  More than just your mother's white vinegar, after the break, the trio break down vinegar types and how Harry specifically derives his unique varieties. Tune in for a fascinating show!

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"Every single condiment you could possibly think of has vinegar in it - all of them - both as a preservative and for flavor." [38:00]

--Harry Rosenblum on Fuhmentaboudit!