On the inaugural episode of After the Jump, host Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge chats with one of her biggest inspirations, designer Todd Oldham. Todd has worked on everything from clothing lines to MTV shows to La-Z-Boy's. Hear how his global upbringing helped shape his design style and how each of his projects tap into a different creative space. How does Todd juggle all of his projects while maintaining a healthy home life? How is working for large corporations different than designing for yourself? Find out on After the Jump! This program was sponsored by Tri-State Merchant.

"If I'm not enjoying it while I'm doing it, it basically doesn't exist for me."

"[When working for large corporations] anybody resting on laurels of doing old fashioned ideas is just going to drown."

"It's sad to me that people have associated style with money."

--designer Todd Oldham on After the Jump