There seems to be a renaissance in the world of fiber art, and on this week's After the Jump, Grace Bonney is talking with Owyn Ruck of the Textile Arts Center about just that. Hear about how Owyn fostered her love of knitting, sewing, and tailoring throughout her life, and how that led her down the path of becoming a fiber artist. Learn more about the Textile Arts Center's range of classes - from weaving, to screen printing, to dyeing! Hear about some of the artists that inspire Owyn, and why you might think twice before labeling them solely as "fiber artists". Grace and Owyn also talk about the Textile Arts Center's new book, The Textile Artist's Studio Handbook, and how it serves as a textbook for all things textile! This episode has been sponsored by Fairway Market.

"People are really interested in doing things themselves as opposed to relying on mass production or something that feels very above them. There's no reason we can't make, fix, and tailor our own clothes." -- Owyn Ruck on After the Jump