This week on After the Jump, Grace Bonney is in the studio with Lorena Siminovich: graphic designer, illustrator, and founder of Petit Collage. Lorena began taking graphic design classes at her high school in Buenos Aires, and has constantly developed her style ever since. Hear about how moving to New York City changed her approach to graphics and illustrations, and what she has done to fuel her entrepreneurial spirit. From stamps to laser-cut mobiles, Lorena has designed it all! Tune in to hear about Lorena's interest in collage, and how small vacations can do wonders for productivity. This episode has been sponsored by Clarkson Potter Publishers.

"There's something very strong about my graphic design education. I have a total Swedish type of graphic design schooling. It's very clean, it's very minimal - so it has something to do with my design of logo types, clean aesthetics, and graphics. It's a graphic approach to illustration."

-- Lorena Siminovich on After the Jump