Grace Bonney sits down with photographer, artist, and author Todd Selby on this week's episode of After the Jump. Todd has made a name for himself by documenting people and their personalities in their own homes. Todd is also notable for his websites, and, and his recent book, also called Edible Selby. Tune into this episode to hear Grace and Todd discuss the role of film and video in the realm of photography, how to make subjects comfortable in front of the camera, and his background in art and hand-lettering. Todd explains his transition from the fashion and lifestyle world to photographing chefs and restaurants. Todd also talks about his admiration for the DIY aesthetic, and the passion of food professionals. This episode has been sponsored by Clarkson Potter Publishers.


"The way that I came into this was not from a design or architecture perspective... I'm a lot more personality-driven. I've always been looking for big personalities and spaces, so I think I'm coming from a different viewpoint." [5:40]

"I think that a big movement in the food world, as well as with interiors, is the DIY movement... There's a lot variation within that- it's the opposite of mass-produced." [28:50]

-- Todd Selby on After the Jump