Take a tea break on this week's episode of After the Jump as host Grace Bonney is joined by the team behind Bellocq, a unique and evocative line of hand-crafted blends, the finest pure teas and a charming selection of tea accessories. Hear from Michael Shannon, Heidi Johannsen Steward and Scott Stewart who tell listeners the inspiration behind their brand. Hear their vision of opening the artisanal tea experience up to everybody and find out how they developed their immersive brand experience over the years. This program was sponsored by Clarkson Potter Publishers.


"We wanted a product that caught your eye immediately - that you wanted to touch. Then, also the tea itself had to be the finest quality tea we could find. It needed to be a complete immerse experience." [6:00]

--Heidi Johannsen Stewart of Bellocq on After the Jump

"We're very much tea people but we're also about lifestyle. In the tea world, there's this style of person that only likes tea and we're not like that. We want to open the experience up to everybody. We try to take all the snobbery out of tea." [14:00]

-- Michael Shannon of Bellocq on After the Jump

"There's a slightly slower speed to tea than to coffee. The caffeine effect is more subtle. It guides you into this really relaxed, sharing kind of spirit and I love that about tea." [17:00]

-- Scott Stewart of Bellocq on After the Jump