Julia Rothman illustrates and designs patterns in her own unique, hand-made style! Julia joins Grace Bonney in the studio for the first episode of After the Jump in 2013! Tune in to hear Julia talk about growing up in small-town New York City- City Island. How did that atmosphere motivate her in terms of her artistic career? Find out how Julia eventually grew into her illustration style, and hear how she began making patterns. Why does Julia prefer hand-drawing as opposed to working inside of the computer? Hear Julia and Grace dish on the nature of collaboration, and learn about Julia's upcoming book chronicling her life in New York City! This program has been brought to you by Whole Foods.

"I'm an extrovert... Doing collaborative projects with people has come out of wanting to be around people physically." [18:15]

"You're going to die... so do what you want to do!" [20:30]

"When art is good and personal- that's number one." [26:30]

-- Julia Rothman on After the Jump