Alex Eben Meyer is a street hockey player, donut enthusiast, and professional illustrator! This week on After the Jump, Grace Bonney is joined in the studio by Alex to talk about his initial interest in drawing. How did Alex transition from drawing superheroes and military tanks to creating work for The New York Times and college textbooks? Learn more about the field of illustration, and why it encapsulates more than just the Sunday comics. Tune in to hear Alex and Grace talk about the illustration community, and why it lives in such a non-competitive atmosphere. Why does Alex love to share his sketchbooks? Find out on this week's episode of After the Jump! This program has been brought to you by Seersucker/Nightingale 9.


"I think of the sketchbook as the way I think- I'm not a cerebral person... The sketchbook is a way for me to put down my thoughts." [11:30]

-- Alex Eben Meyer on After the Jump