Mal Blum has been writing songs since the age of fourteen, and she's here on After the Jump to share her music. Grace Bonney invites Mal into the studio to shift the show's focus away from visual arts and design. Tune into this episode to hear Mal and Grace talk about their inspirations, and what it is like to be a woman in a male-dominated music industry. Find out why Mal has no problem bearing her soul, but why she struggles to stay organized as an artist. Find out about Mal's affinity for Kickstarter, and how the music industry has changed in the past several years. What does it mean to be a DIY musician? Tune into this episode to hear a live rendition of Mal's song "With Samson in Washington State". This program has been brought to you by BluePrint Cleanse.


"The other aspects of DIY like time management, discipline, and being entrepreneurial - that has always been really hard for me." [6:45]

"You can't do everything yourself, or you won't do any of it well." [8:35]

-- Mal Blum on After the Jump