Jessica Oreck joins Grace Bonney for this week's installment of After the Jump to talk about filmmaking, risk-taking, and trusting instincts. Jessica recently released her newest film, Aatsinki: The Story of Arctic Cowboys, at the Tribeca Film Festival to much acclaim. Tune into this episode to learn about Jessica's initial interest in botany and nature, and why she decided to make these elements integral parts of her films. Hear how Jessica highlights the intersection of human culture and the natural world, and how this idea was inspired through her job at the American Museum of Natural History. Jessica lived in Lapland in Finland for a year to work on Aatsinki; tune in to find out more about the lifestyle of a reindeer herder. Find out more about Jessica's upcoming film projects! This program has been sponsored by Bonnie Plants.

"To me, I create because I want to create... I try not to think about the audience when I make the film. I am confident that if the audience puts forth a little bit of effort and is attentive, they will connect with the film." [12:35]

-- Jessica Oreck on After the Jump