Learn about KIOSK's international design selections on this week's episode of After the Jump! Grace Bonney invites KIOSK's Marco ter Haar Romeny into the studio to talk about how design, art, and aesthetics have been a part of Marco's life from an early age. Find out how Marco became a world traveler, and how he and his partner, Alisa, began collecting objects from the countries they visited. Learn more about the space, and why some people find it intimidating. What types of objects fit into KIOSK's modus operandi? Finally, find out how Marco's ethics distinguish KIOSK from other design outlets. This program has been brought to you by BluePrint Cleanse.


"I would say our shop is certainly minimalist in some respects, but definitely maximalist in other ways!" [8:15]

"People see us as a reaction against Chinese production... I've changed my mind; there's a lot of really amazing production happening in China." [18:45]

-- Marco ter Haar Romeny on After the Jump