Meet Paul Lowe, otherwise known as Sweet Paul, the man behind Sweet Paul blog & magazine. He joins Grace Bonney for today's episode of After the Jump, where the two discuss the current state of digital content, transitioning a publication from blog to print, and staying afloat as a creative professional in 2013. Hear how Paul found his passion for styling and photography and what inspired him to start the blog which would later become a magazine. Get to know the lovable personality of Sweet Paul on an honest, frank and relaxed conversation with Grace Bonney. The two know a thing or three about making high quality content in the over-saturated world we live in today! This program was sponsored by BluePrint.

"In order to keep my sanity, more or less, I started a magazine." [12:00]

"Europeans aren't interested in things that look too American. Selling a home can be difficult but something like food is easier because it's more universal." [20:00]

"Everything used to be free online and that's the biggest mistake people made. We have to do something about that." [24:00]

--Paul Lowe on After the Jump