Nicholas Newcomb is a ceramic artist that makes pieces for everyday life. On this week's episode of After the Jump, Grace Bonney invites Nicholas into the studio to talk about clay, design, and more! Find out how Nicholas's supportive family and craft-filled childhood allowed for Nicholas to become a potter. How did Nicholas's education at Skidmore College prepare him for an apprenticeship with famed ceramic artist Toshiko Takaezu? Hear how teaching has caused Nicholas to stay practiced in different pottery techniques. What trends are pervasive in the ceramics world? Tune in to hear about Nicholas's standards for handmade items, and how vintage design is a function of nostalgia. What is Nicholas's dream project? Find out on this week's installment of After the Jump! This program has been brought to you by BluePrint Cleanse.

"Moving to New York made me think about clay as a product, and how people interact with clay in their homes and everyday life." [18:00]

"When I look at something that has been made by hand, I want to know that it was made by a master." [25:15]

-- Nicholas Newcomb on After the Jump