Learn how to simplify your life on this week's installment of After the Jump! Grace Bonney is joined by Design*Sponge's Amy Azzarito and Max Tielman to discuss daily routines, stress reducers, and more! Find out how daily rituals help keep these Design*Sponge staffers sane, and how repeated actions can help curb decision fatigue. Learn how to delegate tasks in your small business in order to maintain quality control and relieve individual pressures. Tune in to find out what recommendations Grace, Amy, and Max suggest in order to stay organized and efficient! This program has been brought to you by BluePrint Cleanse.

"Once it's on my calendar, my brain doesn't have to keep track of it." [16:00]

"Being a visual person, I always try to reduce visual clutter." [25:10]

-- Max Tielman on After the Jump