This week on After the Jump, host Grace Bonney speaks with Molly Hatch, ceramicist and designer based in Florence MA. After several ceramic residencies and apprenticeships in the US and abroad, Molly received her MFA in ceramics at the University of Colorado in Boulder in 2008. In 2009, she was awarded the Arts/Industry Residency in the Pottery at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center in Wisconsin which laid the foundation for her career as an artist designer. Today she works from home in her studio in Northampton, MA, working on everything from designing and illustration, to customized, one of a kind, pieces. Tune-in to hear more about her work as a ceramicist, and how she got her start working in the arts industry. Also be sure to check out her website, This program has been sponsored by BluePrint Cleanse.


"I think if you passionately believe in something, and you persist that it will work out." [9:15]

"It's important for me to think about both what I'm making and being on trend, and how my work fits into this bigger picture. I think teaching enforces you to think about all the process that you're doing, but also how that fits." [28:33]

-- Molly Hatch on After the Jump