How has online advertising changed, and what challenges are bloggers facing in the world of ads? This week on After the Jump, Design*Sponge's Grace Bonney and Amy Azzarito are talking about the new wave of web advertising, and what bloggers can do to stay afloat. Learn about the different funding models being used by big publications such as The New York Times, and how similar strategies could work for smaller outlets. What kind of branded content do online readers want to experience? Learn how institutions like Refinery 29 are selling product to fund their site, and find out how to make your blog receptive to new advertising. This program has been sponsored by BluePrint Cleanse.


"I think shopping has become increasingly more social... Now we have a much broader network of people, so people need something they can trust, and that might be an online magazine." [20:30]

-- Amy Azzarito on After the Jump