After the Jump is back with a new season for 2014, and Grace Bonney kicks off the new year with Noa Santos of Homepolish! Homepolish is a startup that connects top designers with clients in an affordable manner. Tune into this episode to hear Noa talk about his upbringing in Hawaii, and why the Hawaiian lifestyle calls for more concern with function than form. Learn about Homepolish's unique structure that allows for designers to consult on a per session basis. What trends are emerging in the design world? Noa talks about the new wave of renters concerned with interior design, and why it's a good idea to work with professionals before owning your first home. Where does Noa go to unwind in NYC? Find out on this week's edition of After the Jump! Thanks to our sponsor, Brooklyn Slate.

"We only bring on the top designers in their respective cities... But it's a lot more than having just a skill set- it's about being able to relate to someone." [11:00]

"Vintage items are the ultimate custom piece." [29:00]

-- Noa Santos on After the Jump