Susan Brinson does not just have one title. Some days she's a blogger, some days a designer, some days a photographer. Today -- she's the guest on After the Jump, hosted by Grace Bonney. Tune in and hear how she juggles multiple creative endeavors and was able to leave the corporate world for the DIY world. Susan shares her perspective on freelance life, self released projects and the new social-media driven world we live in. Get advice on how to stay up on trends and make the most of your time - which is the most valuable thing a freelancer has. Learn more about Susan's work at This program was sponsored by Of a Kind.

"Whenever you work in the corporate world people have very specific things to do so it's easy to hire somebody because you know exactly what they do." [03:00]

"I really enjoy teaching, so that's an area of our business we will build out. We want to make information available to people." [11:00]

"I'm a watcher of what goes online -- maybe a stalker. It's a matter of saturating yourself." [16:00]

--Susan Brinson on After the Jump