What's the real cost of doing business in retail? Grace Bonney continues her conversation on design and cost, this time with Michele Varian of Michele Varian Shop in Downtown NYC and Erin Austen Abbott of Amelia in Oxford Mississippi, two retail design shops. Hear their perspectives on selling tactile products in a digital world and figuring out a fair and sustainable cost structure. What's the difference between brick & mortar operations and online shops? What really goes into product design and sales? Find out on After the Jump! This program was sponsored by Of a Kind.


"People are all of a sudden realizing there isn't a tactile hand-made quality to things anymore and people don't know how to do it themselves. There's a real curiosity about that now." [14:00]

If you have a brick and mortar it's extremely important to have a decent website because most people shop from both." [29:00]

--Michele Varian on After the Jump