Risk is incredibly important. It helps you set yourself apart from the pack and teaches you valuable business and personal lessons, but people are reluctant to talk about risk publicly. Today on After the Jump, Grace Bonney is joined by two business owners who talk freely about the risks they took in both of their endeavors. Hear from Gaby Dalkin, founder of What's Gaby Cooking, and Crista Freeman of Phin & Phebes Ice Cream. From PR companies to off-beat cookbooks, find out what decisions both women made to turn into the successful entrepreneurs they are today. This program was sponsored by Of a Kind.

"The difference between reckless and risk is planning." [07:00]

--Grace Bonney on After the Jump

"Some of the biggest risks I've taken have resulted in really awesome things. If I feel strongly about something I'm just going to do it." [09:00]

--Gaby Dalkin on After the Jump

"There's only so much you can project in spreadsheets and analysis. It always comes back to my gut. As an entrepreneurs you always learn how to hone in on that." [10:00]

--Crista Freeman on After the Jump