How is intention different than goal setting? Find out how to run your business and life with intention as Grace Bonney is joined by Jess Lively, a consultant and blogger helping people design lives, homes and businesses with intention on and Hear about the three levels of business success, get all sorts of insight into how you can balance the conversation between your ego and your gut and find out how Jess overcame her own self doubt to empower others to embrace intention and take control of their lives! This program was brought to you by White Oak Pastures

"I use the word intention as a softer word for a goal because I'm too paralyzed by the word goal." [05:00]

"You have to know what your values are - and you're always motivated by something." [09:00]

"The intuition that we have within us - if you can connect to that, it will guide you and tell you what to do next." [12:00]

"Discover what's really important to you independent of any achievement or outcomes." [28:00]

--Jess Lively on After the Jump