On this episode of After the Jump, Grace Bonney is joined in the studio by designer Tina Shoulders to talk about diversity in the design world. Tina has designed textiles for the likes of Tommy Hilfiger, CK Jeans, and Martha Stewart, and designs for her own company, Laidback Home. Hear about how Tina introduced the design world to a wealth of designers of different backgrounds via a panel at New York Design Week. How has the blogosphere served designers of color, and how can these designers get more exposure? Hear some of Tina's helpful tips in discovering new designers, and the role of the internet in democratizing design. Tune into this episode to hear more discussions about non-Western designers, aboriginal design and culture, and the importance of introducing children to creative jobs at an early age. This program has been brought to you by Hearst Ranch.

"If you want to see different perspectives, you have to look in different places."

"There's such a richness in knowing about people's different backgrounds, knowing their contribution, and what has caused them to create as a result of how they grew up and where they grew up."

-- Tina Shoulders on After the Jump