Ever since the ill-fated Gods of Food cover of Time Magazine, stories of women in food and the support networks have to come the forefront of the national food conversation. Today’s episode of All in the Industry features Sue Chen and Alex Pemoulie, the women behind The Toklas Socierty. The Toklas Society is a network of women in the hospitality industry. Through online content, meet-ups, speaker events, and workshops they create opportunities not just for networking, but also for inspiration, education, and personal and professional growth. Tune in and hear how they got started in the culinary world and what they hope to accomplish through the Toklas Society. This program was sponsored by Consider Bardwell.

“We hope this group is the underlying force as well as the source of inspiration for other women in the [hospitality] industry” [22:00]… 24:30

–Alex Pemoulie on All in the Industry