Joshua Wesson knows his wine. He's a world renowned sommelier and founder of Best Cellars, a wine retailing concept that he sold recently to A&P. He's this week's guest on All in the Industry, and he crams more wine information in his short interview than most people come to learn in their entire lives. Tune in and get a crash course on the wine industry, tasting techniques, retail trends and pairing ideas. Find out where wine has come from and where it's headed as Josh shares his wealth of perspective on the industry. This program was sponsored by International Culinary Center.

"Almost all of my dearest friends in the wine business came to wine through serendipity." [03:00]

"It wasn't wine that excited me growing up - it was food." [06:00]

"Most people buy wine based on fear rather than some positive attribute." [16:00]

"The sweet spot today for finding the best relationship between deliciousness and value is $15-25. You can drink so richly from the cup of wine around the world if you're spending $15-25 -- you don't need to spend any more than that." [25:00]

--Joshua Wesson on All in the Industry