On a brand new episode of All in the Industry, find out how Tara Berman helps transform hospitality business ideas into business realities. She runs the TaraPaige Group, a leading business advisor to the hospitality industry. They partner with early stage, multi-unit and expanding enterprises to provide expert operational and financial management services. Tune in as host Shari Bayer chats with Tara about some of her clients, the philosophy behind TaraPaige Group and emerging trends in the industry. This program was brought to you by Whole Foods Market.

"I always enjoyed creating things, building things and thinking outside of the box." [09:00]

"The thing about fast casual food thats happening that guests and operators are loving is that you're taking the same ingredients as a full service restaurant and bringing it to more accessible crowd in a more approachable and fun way." [31:00]

--Tara Berman on All in the Industry