Barbara Sibley is a powerhouse in the culinary world. She was born and raised in Mexico City and for many years has collected traditional, rare and ancient Mexican recipes. Her New York restaurant career began at age 17 at La Tulipe, a New York Times Three Star French Restaurant. Her extensive experience led her to open La Palapa Cocina Mexicana in 2000. She's also the president of The New York Women's Culinary Alliance, an organization that fosters networking, education, and cooperation for women in the culinary and beverage fields in the New York metro area. Tune into All in the Industry as Barbara waxes poetic on everything from authentic Mexican cuisine to the role of the New York Women's Culinary Alliance. This program was brought to you by Consider Bardwell.

"Everything you experience becomes who you are and it all grows from there." [04:00]

"The restaurant business is hard work - so getting recognition is great." [29:00]

"It would be wonderful for a Mexican restaurants in New York to get some Michelin stars..maybe that will happen soon." [35:00]

--Barbara Sibley on All in the Industry