Tune in to this week's episode of All in the Industry as Shari Bayer is joined by Matthew Riznyk of Great Performances. Born in Westchester, New York, Chef Matthew's culinary aptitude was influenced at an early age as his family is avid gardeners and skilled home cooks. After cooking at a number of different esteemed establishments, Chef Matthew took on his most exciting culinary and management position yet at Great Performances in 2007. Great Performances is innovative catering and event company with its own Hudson Valley organic farm. Matt now produces parties and private events for some of the most high-profile and influential individuals of our times. Tune in and hear what makes catering such a unique place to work as a chef and find out what drives Matt to continue pushing the envelope in the field. This program was brought to you by Whole Foods Market.

"We're the biggest littlest company you can imagine. There are a lot of big caterers who have a set menu and that's that. For us - we get the most amazing requests from people...that's what's been fun for me." [18:00]

"The culture you breed is the way you retain a staff." [27:00]

"Too many people do try to stick to local and they lose a sense of creativity, play and wonder." [38:00]

--Matthew Riznyk on All in the Industry