This week on All in the Industry, Shari Bayer is joined by Randy Fisher of CREam, or Culinary Related Entertainment and Marketing. CREaM approaches food and drink as entertainment by concepting unique marketing initiatives, providing consulting services for the food and beverage industry and producing specialized culinary events throughout the country. They're involved with some of food's best events like Burger Bash, Meatopia and the SOBE Food & Wine Festival. Tune in as Randy gives some insight into what it takes to throw a great food event and shares his thoughts on the industry at large. This program was brought to you by Rolling Press.

"What does it take to prepare a delicious cheeseburger in the middle of a sandstorm?" [22:00]

It's hard to go to an event your not producing because you notice all these little things." [24:00]

--Randy Fisher on All in the Industry