Get a behind the scenes look at the work Michel Nischan does with Wholesome Wave on a brand new episode of All in the Industry with Shari Bayer! As the son of displaced farmers, Michel Nischan, CEO, Founder and President of Wholesome Wave, grew up with a great appreciation for local agriculture and those who work the land. He translated these childhood values into a career as a James Beard Award-winning chef, author and restaurateur, becoming a catalyst for change in the sustainable food movement. An Ashoka Fellow, Michel serves on the Board of Trustees for the James Beard Foundation, The Rodale Institute and the Advisory Board for Chefs Collaborative. This program was brought to you by Heritage Foods USA.

"Almost 20 million Americans are pre-diabetic or have indicators that will lead to some kind of heart disease or diabetes." [19:00]

"Under served consumers are a powerful force. When the encounter affordability they become a powerful market force." [21:00]

"I think everything is solvable through food and I think more people want good food than one would assume." [24:00]

--Michel Nischan on All in the Industry