On the pilot recording of All in the Industry, Shari Bayer of Bayer Public Relations goes behind the scenes to highlight the hidden talent of the restaurant and hospitality business. A restaurant is more than food; a restaurant is defined by its design, location, ambiance, marketing, and more! This week, Shari invites Joe Allegro of Share Our Strength into the studio. Joe is the Director of Culinary and Special Events at Share Our Strength, but he got his start in food television. Tune into this program to hear Joe talk about his time at The Food Network, and how that experience allowed him to connect with numerous chefs. Thanks to our sponsor, Fairway Market. Music by The California Honeydrops.

"I thought chefs could leave television and go on to the live stage... [my show] went on Broadway. We created a musical with chefs as the centerpiece." [14:00]

"More than nine times out of ten, chefs I approach [to host a charitable dinner] say yes!" [20:00]

"Women in the culinary gets bigger and bigger everyday- as it should be." [34:15]

-- Joe Allegro on All In the Industry