Tune in for a special episode of All in the Industry as host Shari Bayer sits down with the team behind Heritage Radio Network. Guests Erin Fairbanks, Allison Hamlin, and Jack Inslee (Executive Director, Deputy Director, and Executive Producer, respectively) discuss their varied backgrounds prior to jumping on board with an independent, up and coming internet radio station, and furthermore, what brought them to food talk radio. Shari gets to the bottom of how the station finds unique content and programming, plus the hosts that bring the most to the table before getting the scoop on the new website launch in September 2015. Rounding out the episode, the team plays along with the speed round, chats industry news, and listens in on Shari's solo dining experience. This program was brought to you by Fairway Market.

"That we're able to do stuff from this tiny bunker in Bushwick that can be heard around the world is pretty incredible." [10:15]

--Allison Hamlin on All in the Industry

"Food is basically this secret weapon to talk about everything from race and gender politics to world history to environmental activism to pop culture." [14:10]

"The goal of the station's content is to be action oriented." [27:20]

--Erin Fairbanks on All in the Industry