This week on All in the Industry, host Shari Bayer welcomes John Winterman of Batard in Tribeca. Born and raised in Indiana, John shares it was in college when he learned that cuisine is more than three vegetables and overcooked meat. For the past 17 years, John worked in front-of-the-house positions for such notables as Charlie Trotter, Gary Danko and Daniel Boulud, most recently as maître d'hôtel of restaurant Daniel. Along the way, he became a certified sommelier and an expert in artisanal cheeses and has now joined forces with restaurateur Drew Nieporent at Bâtard, where he is Managing Partner. Tune in to hear more from John as well as some industry news and Shari's solo dining experience. This program was brought to you by

"I think sometimes people are afraid to identify with something that might be higher end because there are so many casual restaurants." [34:00]

--John Winterman on All in the Industry