Animal Instinct is back for another season! Tune in to hear all about animal rescue in the suburbs with special guest Tina! Tina has been rescuing and rehabilitating animals since she was a child. Tina is a pet care provider who is trained in CPR and disaster relief, she has worked in animal hospitals since 1987, but her heart is in volunteering to save all animals. She's an appointed member of the District Attorney of Westchester County's Prevention of Animal Abuse Task Force and works with many different shelters and rescue organizations all over the U.S. by setting up or running transports for relocation to a safer environment, fostering and helping in the adoption process and evaluating an animal's medical or behavioral condition and getting their needs met. Tina has helped countless animals by giving them better opportunities and lives, she is truly a friend to animals. This program was sponsored by Rolling Press.


"There may be an i in Tina, but there is no i in team." [28:00]

--Tinaon Animal Instinct