This episode of Animal Instinct is for the birds! David Kidd, wildlife bird and rescue expert, is this week’s guest and he gives listeners a wealth of information about pet birds and what it takes to rescue birds in the wild. He’s got scars and stories for days – tune in and hear some fun facts about birds, rescue war stories and heart warming pet tales. Find out why birds are smarter than you might think – and why they make such interesting pets. David lives with 6 dogs and 2 birds, all rescues, in Sarasota, Florida. This program was sponsored by Brooklyn Cares Veterinary Clinic.

“Birds are very smart creatures. That’s what makes them such good pets – they can bond with you pretty well. The only problem is you have to put a lot of time in with them.” [03:00]

“The key when rescuing these animals is not to over-stress them. One of the best things to do is put a towel over the birds head.” [08:00]

“There is no bonding with a wild animal – if they’re wild they won’t be all cuddly.. they want to tear you apart.” [11:00]

–David Kidd on Animal Instinct