When’s the last time you bought you treated your dog to a new bikini? Tune in to a very fun and interesting episode of Animal Instinct, as host Celia Kutcher chats with pet fashion designers, Ada Nieves and Jennifer Jo-Moyer. It may surprise you to learn that pet fashion is a real industry, and these two ladies know their stuff! Ada is like the Martha Stewart of pet fashion and has been featured in TV programs like “CBS The David Letterman Show”, “Anderson Cooper Show”,” “NBC 30 Rock” and “The MTV VMA Animal Reenactments”. Tune in to learn everything you didn’t know about pet fashion – including why it actually makes pets happy! This program was sponsored by Brooklyn Cares Veterinary Clinic.

“This is a big market – so many people are interested in dressing up their pets. They want to incorporate their personality in their animals and make them members of their family. You wouldn’t want your family members to be naked!” [04:00]

–Ada Nieves on Animal Instinct

“Things you could never wear – you can put on your dog. I can’t walk around in tutu all the time as much as I want to but Fifi can wear a tutu any day of the week.” [05:00]

–Jennifer Moyer on Animal Instinct