On today's episode of Animal Instinct Celia speaks with animal communicator, Karen Krueger. Karen has been practicing Reiki for people and pets since 1997. Since then Karen has become certified in many types of healing modalities and is a certified Equine Body Worker through Equinology and the Upledger Institute. Today, Karen introduces the world of animal communication and describes her personal experiences with animals. She mainly deals with physically and/or emotionally injured animals and tries to help them deal with their pain. Karen shares that the best thing about her practice is that anyone can learn how to do it. Tune in as we embrace the idea of communicating with our fellow animals.

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"...typically the owners contact me because they need answers, they'd like to get some insight with what's happening with their animals. A lot of times they're injured or something's happened and the owner wants to know what's happened. Sometimes it's an emotional problem, sometimes they don't understand why their pet is acting a certain way". [02:00]

"The most common question I get from owners is wanting to know whether their animals love them or not". [17:00]

"...most animals are in the now." [19:00]

"You can kind of tell the practical jokers. Dogs have a sense of humor, I've seen horses have a sense of humor. It comes through sometimes when I'm communicating with them". [23:00]

--Karen Krueger on Animal Instinct