Denise Eaton is a registered practitioner through the Bach Foundation International Registry for human and animal. She has been employed with Nelson Bach USA, Ltd. for the past fifteen years holding the positions of Education and Regulatory Manager. Denise's primary role with Nelsons is to develop course curriculum and manage programs that are conducted by trainers throughout USA and Canada. Her portfolio of speaking venues consists of New Hope Natural Expos, Natural Products Association Expo, National and Independent distributor shows, Whole Foods regional shows, Independent retailers, Local Community Colleges, and radio programs. Tune into this edition of Animal Instinct to hear Denise and Celia Kutcher talk about Bach Flower remedies, and treating emotional distress in animals with different healing modalities. Learn the history of Dr. Edward Bach, and how he was influenced by the natural world and homeopathy to delve into the world of holistic medicine. Learn how Bach Flower remedies work, and why these remedies do not interfere with medication. What issues are treated with the Bach remedies? Find out on this week's episode of Animal Instinct! Thanks to our sponsor, Whole Foods. Music by Pamela Royal.

"The effects of these remedies can be seen very well in animals and children because they don't experience placebo effects; they are not aware!" [9:30]

-- Denise Eaton on Animal Instinct