This week on Animal Instinct, host Celia Kutcher is talking dog jobs and has Dale Picard of East Coast Assistance Dogs (ECAD) on the line. ECAD was founded by Dale Picard and his wife Lu. Dale shares that when his father in law suffered a stroke, he and his wife taught their family pet to help him rise from a chair and retrieve some items. They noticed that his father in law actually became more active and less depressed than when help came from a human. Celia chats more with Dale about the breeding and training process of the golden and labrador retrievers and how the presence of the K-9s truly helps those in need of medical attention. At ECAD, the training tailors each dog's skills to the needs of clients, who have a variety of limitations in strength, balance, coordination, or mobility. Tune in for an inspiring episode! This program was brought to you by Heritage Foods USA.

"The dog is a life support for these people."

"We try to critique our training to each client that comes in."

--Dale Picard on Animal Instinct