What is cruelty-free clothing? Find out on a brand new episode of Animal Instinct! Returning guest Julia Szabo joins Celia Kutcher for a conversation on animals, fashion and why they shouldn't be so intertwined. From leather to feathers, tune in for alternatives, ideas and inspirations for a cruelty-free fashion life! This program was brought to you by Heritage Foods USA.


"This is not some hemp rough hippie clothing. These are every bit as sleek and sometimes even sleeker [than leather]." [03:00]

"When animals are raised for leather and fur it has a tremendously damaging impact on the environment." [05:00]

"Getting dressed is something we all do. Fashion is an amazing way to convey the message of compassion." [10:00]

"It's not faux fur, it's vegan fur. It's not faux leather, it's vegan leather." [14:00]

--Julia Szabo on Animal Instinct