Matthew Koss has been Founder and President of Primal Pet Foods Inc. since the inception of the company in October 2001. Primal Pet Foods Inc. is a San Francisco based manufacturer of 100% human grade raw foods for dogs and cats. Matthew has shared his life with dogs and cats for over 13 years and has become adept as to the well being of these beloved animals. He has extensive experience and knowledge in food product development, large scale food production and proper food safety. Matthew has studied extensively on the topic of animal nutrition and has researched and studied the methods of a select few homeopathic veterinarians that specialize in the feeding of raw foods to dogs and cats. This program has been sponsored by Of A Kind. Today's music provided by Cookies.

"It is amazing how many testimonials we have received...that the animal's personality or psychology has changed dramatically merely from changing the food." [8:30]

Matt Koss on Animal Instinct